FREE service provides exercise booklets for patients

Launched by an experienced clinician and researcher, this online service allows physiotherapists to create exercise booklets for patients – and it’s free!

The website, Physiotherapy Exercises, is run by physical therapists and provides access to over 1,000 exercises for people with different injuries and disabilities. With this service, a physiotherapist can select a set of illustrated exercises, compile them into exercise booklets and then email or print the booklets for clients.

“There is no equivalent website that physiotherapists can freely access to compile individualised exercises booklets for their patients,” said Lisa Harvey, who leads and manages the website. “Our website continues to grow and has become a repository of exercise ideas from very senior and experienced physiotherapists. We hope that, because the exercises are freely available, there will be better outcomes for patients regardless of where they live.”

The website has a truly global reach, with text available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The service represents 15 years’ work by a small group of physiotherapists from public hospitals in Sydney, Australia. It is produced by Lisa Harvey, Owen Katalinic and Joanne Glinsky from the Kolling Institute at Sydney University, with technological input from IT consultant Peter Messenger. Physiotherapy Exercises is an official partner of WCPT.