PhysioTools launches FREE exercise mobile app

PT Momentum – The exercise motivator

People are not always motivated to actually do the exercises they have been prescribed. Our new PT Momentum mobile app adds an element of fun to encourage your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise.

Create an individual exercise program in PhysioTools Online, send it to your client’s PT Momentum App and see their momentum value update. This gives you a great opportunity to review your clients’ training program and assess their progress.

And, the best part, as a subscriber to PhysioTools Online, PT Momentum is included at no additional charge.

Your clients will love PT Momentum

  • exercise sets always available
  • videos to show how to do the exercises
  • daily reminders
  • increased motivation by following the momentum value.

Available from 1st March for ALL PhysioTools Online users

The app works with Android and iPhone and can be downloaded by your clients free of charge. If your organisation does not want to use the free PT Momentum service, please email [email protected].

PhysioTools Online

Use PhysioTools from any device with Internet access to print and email exercise programs with videos.

PhysioTools Online Basic includes:

  • over 2300 exercises: General Exercises, Evidence Based Protocols & Templates,
  • complimentary modules
  • free technical support
  • PT Momentum mobile app.

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