Physiotherapy practices in Intensive Care Units across Maharashtra

This study used an exploratory cross-sectional survey to understand the current physiotherapy practices in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) across Maharashtra. Questionnaires were sent to physiotherapists working in hospitals across Maharashtra state, India.

Of the 200 physiotherapists surveyed, 73 returned their questionnaires, representing a 36% response rate. The study revealed that 76% of the respondents had a bachelors qualified degree, 15% were masters in physiotherapy with only 4% specialized in cardio-respiratory physiotherapy; 82% had <5 years experience in ICU. Almost 19% had not attended any seminars/workshops related to ICU management while 61% attended up to three within the last 2 years.

The study showed that physician reference is necessary to initiate physiotherapy and there exists no established criteria for physiotherapy treatment in the ICU. All physiotherapists were routinely involved in chest physiotherapy, mobilization, and positioning.

The study showed that physiotherapists among the responding ICUs surveyed lack in experience and updated knowledge.