20 new evidence based low back pain articles from the University of Nottingham

A Spinal Rehabilitation project by students at the University of Nottingham in Physiopedia has created 20 new evidence based articles on topics related to low back pain.

Over the past 4 years Paul Hendrick, Lecturer from The University of Nottingham has been running the Spinal Rehabilitation module, from the undergraduate BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programme, through a Physiopedia Project.

The students work together in small groups of 4 (self-allocated) and chose a topic related to spinal rehabilitation. They then either create a page or review and update content on an existing page. The second part of the module then requires the students to produce a presentation on the work they have done through Physiopedia, which completes the formal assessment.

Paul Hendrick has informed us that this method of assignment has been well received by the external moderators and the work of the students is of very good standard. We look forward to seeing future work from the students of The University of Nottingham.

Take a look at the excellent pages produced this year: