Embracing change and humbled by motivation!

This month, for my monthly update, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. If we can embrace change and be proactive where opportunity presents, it’s going to be bright!  

At the beginning of February Tony and I presented at the CSP Student Representatives Development Weekend.  Our session titled “Physiotherapy Futures” aimed to explore new innovations in technology, how these may impact and disrupt our profession.  The aim was to challenge, provoke and entertain as well as to develop skills in leadership, innovation, effective communication, decision making and teamwork.  We were blown away by how motivated and engaged the students were to embrace change in our crazy session!

I’ve also been humbled this month by the new Physiopedia volunteers who are currently working their way through the orientation course.  From all corners of the world, they are already working as a team and the work they are doing is just awesome.  They are so motivated to contribute to our profession through Physiopedia, is an absolute pleasure to be a part of their learning.

With people like this around in our profession I can’t help thinking that the future is bright!