Neurology course starts 7th March in PP+

Coming up in March is our next course which is an overview of neurological rehabilitation.  The course will cover many aspects of the neurology that will give anyone a good basis of neurological conditions and their general management.  It will be a great course for developing a good knowledge base to move on and develop more specialist knowledge in specific conditions (courses which will come later in PP+).

Over 4 weeks (16 hours at your convenience) this learn topic aims to give you a deeper understanding of the anatomy, function, pathologies, assessment and general treatment approaches based on the latest evidence available:

  1. Week one: To review general neuroanatomy & related physiology.
  2. Week two: To explore a broad range of neurological & neuromuscular conditions.
  3. Week three: To examine current approaches to neurological assessment.
  4. Week four: To investigate the latest treatment approaches in neurological rehabilitation.
  5. [Optional for distinction] Week five and six: Assignment

The course directs you through a series of activities such as reading resources, watching videos, attempting quizzes and participating in discussions.  In previous courses people reported particularly enjoying the interviews with specialist in the topic, for this course we speak to Sarah Tyson (Stroke), Lisa Harvey (SCI), Emma Stack (Parkinson’s) and Rachel Young (Physical Activity) where there are many common themes taking this specialist area forwards.  Also from our academic partner Elsevier we have 13 book chapters and (for the 4 weeks of the course only) full access to the book ‘Neurological Assessment: A clinicians guide‘ by Karen Jones.  Plus all the usual articles, quizzes, learning activities and discussions with colleagues from all over the world.

It’s going to be a good one! Just sign into your PP+ account on Monday 7th March and it will be there on your dashboard.

If you don’t yet have a PP+ account you can sign up here.  Remember people from middle income countries get a discount and low income countries get free access!  Apply for your discount here.

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