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The Latest Musculoskeletal

The Latest Musculoskeletal has been around since 2012 and is a collection of articles that relate to the clinical interest areas of musculoskeletal and orthopaedics.  Each month there is also a special interest topic that highlights news and research in one particular area.
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The Latest Specialities

The Latest Specialities is the new kid on the block.  This evidence update gathers clinically interesting articles from all other specific interest areas other than musculoskeletal.  Each month there will be Cardiopulmonary, Neurology, Paediatrics, Pain, Older People with special appearances from other less populated topics such as Women’s Health, Oncology, Education, Rheumatology etc.
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The Latest research from Physiopedia

How do we decide which articles to include?

We look back through the research that was published in the previous month.  We will prioritise higher level evidence, full text and openly available articles and topics that are clinically relevant to physiotherapy.

Full Text?

In an ideal world we would link to full test articles for you to read, unfortunately we find it as difficult to access those as you do.  BUT, we do our best to find an open access of the article to link to and share it with you if it is available.

Critically Appraised?

We don’t critique the articles or make decisions about their contribution to evidence based practice, that’s for you to do!  This is a skill that we all need to have, we must be able to quickly critically analyse what we read anywhere online and make our own decisions as to whether it should contribute to our knowledge base and practice.  Sometimes we will throw in a random article that sparks our interest and is intended to promote discussion, it may not always be good!

Special Interest Topics

Each month we also include a special interest topic.  Some topics just don’t get enough attention to fill a full section of the newsletter each month so we gather information on these together over a longer period of time and then share them with you when there are enough to fill up our special interest section.

How do I sign up?

PP+ members can choose to receive these evidence updates as part of their membership, just login and go to the sign up page.  If you are not yet a PP+ member you can sign up here, there are many other benefits including online courses, books, quizzes and technique videos that will all contribute to your ongoing professional development.