Will a Shock Absorber for Knees Help Delay Knee Arthroplasties?

Atlas Knee System, invented by Moximed recently won the European CE Mark Award. This implantable knee joint unloading device is designed to decrease pressure transferred to the joint hopefully delaying the need for a knee replacement. 

The device is designed to act like the strut on a car, except for your knee. The result is less damage to knee cartilage and maintaining an active lifestyle with less pain and fewer surgical procedures. This could be a key pre-arthroplasty solution for those not ready to undergo joint replacement or are perhaps too young for the procedure.  The Atlas Knee System design was first evaluated in the Phantom Clinical Trial – a 40 patient, prospective, multi-center, single-arm study. Enrolment at four clinical study sites is complete, and patients are currently in the follow-up phase.

What do we think about this? Is it really going to preserve the joint or is it just going to shift biomechanics and cause other problems?  What are your thoughts?  Stay tuned for future research on this device.

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