SCAT3 Released for Concussion Assessment

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently released SCAT3, the newest version of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool. The SCAT3 is designed for use by medical professionals only. Baseline preseason testing is recommended for comparison to post-injury test scores. 

The SCAT3 includes specific instructions. It is available for use free and reproduction is allowed for distributions to individuals, teams, groups and organizations. The concussion diagnoses is a clinical judgement for medical professionals to make and the SCAT3 is not to be used solely to make this diagnosis. One weakness of the SCAT3 is that a concussed athlete may still test normal.

Concussion symptoms may include headaches, unsteadiness, confusion or impaired brain function, and abnormal behavior such as a personality change.

This tool also includes a sideline assessment to help indicate when emergency management is recommended.

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