Preparing for skiing like the professionals

Britain’s top ski cross skier shows us how she uses the SkiA Ski Trainer to prepare for her winter season. In the clinic this could be the perfect tool to enhance your clients’ proprioceptive ski training.

Emily Sarsfield is Britain’s top ski cross skier – racing on the World Cup and European Cup circuits in a discipline that requires skill, strength and exceptional balance. Ski Cross is a downhill race with 4 skiers competing against each other on the same course, with twists and turns, large jumps and the danger of colliding with your competitors, the event exploded on the world scene during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

For a professional snowsports athlete, they must be fully prepared and utilise many tools to help them and the SkiA Ski Trainer specifically works on centred balance, a crucial element in skiing at any level and absolutely essential to perfect at the very top of the sport.

Emily uses the SkiA Ski Trainer to help her prepare for the season and also during the winter to help stay in shape – for anyone considering a ski holiday, whatever level from beginner to advanced, using the trainer will help to improve technique in many ways.

The SkiA Ski Trainer is also used by coaches and instructors to help with an overall program of fitness in preparation for skiing. It will also be very useful in the clinic to get your injured skiers back on track!

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