Good Bye Hip Precautions, Hello Mobility!

The Orthopedic Therapy team at Norfolk Hospital and surgeons now are lifting post-surgical hip replacement precautions with the help of CSP

Anthony Morgan from the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth notes, “Finding articles with quantitative evidence on the outcomes of stopping precautions was extremely difficult.” However five orthopedic therapy services were found which had stopped using precautions, one since 2008.

Total hip precautions are still the standard practice for posterior approaches. Though it is now coming into question whether these precautions may be counterproductive and that patients may be less like to dislocate if they have more movement. Some patients also felt limited by the precautions and exhibit fear and avoidant behaviors based on fear of dislocation.

The team at James Paget Hospital will be collecting data on the impact of this new approach of not integrating hip precautions into rehabilitation.

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