5 reasons to look to Connect for Learning and Development

Continued learning and development is important in any profession, but especially a clinical field like physiotherapy where research and new developments mean practitioners are required to keep their methods and knowledge current. In order for Connect to meet with the requirements of the evolving profession, earlier this year we appointed a dedicated Learning and Development Manager, Anne Watts to ensure that there was a greater focus made on the development and training of staff within the business. In her role, Anne acts as a learning resource for all staff to enable them to have a central point of contact or reference when it comes to their CPD.

We asked Anne what her role entails, and what this ultimately means for staff at Connect:

“Here at Connect we are entering a really exciting time with regards to Learning and Development. My role is to make sure all of my colleagues have access to the learning and education they need to do their job well and effectively, no matter what level of the business they are working in. We are looking at our learning pathways to support career development, leadership development and cross functional working to really utilise all the skilled people we have within the business, and support them whichever path they may choose with us.”

Still unsure about what Learning and Development means for your career as a physio? Here are our top 5 reasons you should look to Connect for your L&D needs:

  1. Paid study leave

    Connect have a generous study leave and professional funding policy for all staff. If you’re looking to expand your learning in your profession, Connect will provide you with paid leave and support with course payments.

  2. High level of compliance and quality

    All of our internal and external training courses are relevant to you and your job role, ensuring the training you receive is appropriate, thought provoking and challenging.

  3. Accelerated learning pathway

    As well as our Graduate Development Programme we offer an Accelerated Development Programme, which allows you to move to the next level in your career with us just that little bit quicker.

  4. Dedicated L&D function

    With years of experience in tailoring courses specific to job roles and functions, we ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

  5. Structured induction programmes

    From the offset, we make sure you feel welcomed into the team at Connect, introducing you to your new role and new team. We will also provide you continued support and information on where to go to get help in your first few months, should you need it.Graduate Development programme

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