24 Hour Webinar Celebrates Virtual Day of Allied Health and Rehabilitation!!!

Attend this 24 hour allied health and rehabilitation webinar to hear top notch presenters from around the world! International Chief Health Professions Officers is sponsoring this online conference. The focus is to raise awareness to the asset based approach that allied health care providers (AHP) can offer to people with disabilities. There will be an international platform which the AHPs can even work together to improve the quality of life for these individuals.

The Virtual Day of Allied Health and Rehab is to help support the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities. The goal for the webinar attendance is 10,000 participants over the 24 hours of the course, so please help to spread the word. The course will be held from 8 am GMT on Thursday Dec 3rd through 8 am GMT on Friday Dec 4th.

The full listing of presenters and courses available for your viewing is available here. Discussion of the VDAH outcomes will take place for two weeks through the Global Community Practice for Rehabilitation (GCoPR)  focusing on the most popular topics in January 2016. 

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