Black Friday Ideas for Upper Extremity Dysfunction

Happy Black Friday to everyone! The day after Thanksgiving is known for great sales here in the US. If you have a friend or family member dealing with upper extremity issues be it hand arthritis, elbow pain, or shoulder dysfunction, here are some great gift ideas.

Split Keyboard

The split keyboard emphasizes good posture when typing.  Positioning of the split unloads tendons and nerves so say good bye to carpal tunnel or tendinopathies when set up correctly. It also is great for someone with limited elbow supination due to injury.

Upright Mouse

Pain with moving the mouse or holding it. Consider an upright mouse. The wrist positioned in a more neutral position.

Laptop Stand/Wireless keyboard

Straining your neck typing on a laptop? Consider a wireless keyboard/mouse combo coupled with a laptop stand. The keyboard keeps your arms positioned neutrally at your side. The laptop stand positions the monitor to prevent a forward head lean or posture. Consider this combination and say goodbye to forward head and protracted shoulders positioning.

Large Barreled Pen

For those suffering from hand arthritis, a large barreled pen not only makes gripping more comfortable, but writing is easier too! A device like the pen again can also be help to prevent writers cramp.

Paraffin Bath

Treat your hands to an in home spa with a paraffin bath. The heat is great for helping to improve ROM, decrease pain due to arthritis, and soften scars. Anyone with hand arthritis will love this gift.


What gives with the magic stretchy tape known as kinesiotape? Don some tape and transform into an Olympic volleyball player. Ok….not quite, but it does help improve lymphatics, blood flow, and facilitate weak tendons or muscles.

Electric Can Opener

This is a great idea for anyone who suffers from hand arthritis or pain. These can be found typically at any home store. You may also consider an electric jar opener or knife to round out that collection.

Lazy Hands

Hey who are you calling lazy? Lazy hands is a great gadget for those dealing with difficulties holding a cell phone. This device attaches to the back of your phone to alleviate gripping cell phones for those long conversations.

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