One Million Visits – Thank You!

We did it!  In October this year Physiopedia had over 1 million page views!!

Everyone here in the office has been waiting for this day for some time now.  Earlier this year when I gave a keynote presentation at the Canadian Physiotherapy Conference my story was based on the rise of Physiopedia from it’s birth to over one million visits in one month.  We didn’t quite manage it in time for my presentation but now we have.  How amazing is that!!

One million page views for Physiopedia

The popularity of Physiopedia really highlights the thirst for physiotherapy related information. Physiopedia is just one of many places that we can provide that information.  What is great about Physiopedia though is that it is a community built resource, any physiotherapist or physical therapist around the world can make edits at anytime.  The more we, you, contribute the better the resource gets.  So join us, if you have expertise in a particular topic or if you simply see something that needs updating or correcting, login and make your contribution.

Today in the United States is Thanksgiving so we’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you that has contributed to the rise of Physiopedia.  You are all awesome!

michael jordan making it happen