Modeling Study Looking at Regional Contributors to Mortality

Countries are looking at ways to reduce premature mortality due to four main non-communicable diseases (NCD) from 2010 to 2025 (being called the 25 x 25 target). This study looked at ways that six of the globally mutual risk factors could be met regionally.

Tobacco, alcohol use, salt consumption, obesity, hypertension and hyperglycemia are risk factors having an accumulative effect. Current concerns exist with current increases in mortality rates, that the WHO regions will not meet the 25 x 25 premature mortality target. Some regions will likely meet the targets, others will be close. Africa however will likely need assistance in addressing these through various interventions to address the cardiovascular diseases and infection-related cancer rates.

As physiotherapists, we can play an active role in trying to help reduce NCD rates. Educating the community and patients about use of tobacco and alcohol use may help to decrease consumption. Nutritional counseling and offering exercise plans could help to reduce obesity, hypertension and hyperglycemia rates.

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