Malawi Soon to Graduate Three New Physiotherapists!

Medic to Medic is a UK charity established in 2007 to help educate health care workers in Malawi. Scholarships are provided to doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, and pharmacists. This program has assisted three new physiotherapists with funding needed to complete training to become a physiotherapist. 

The College of Medicine in Blantyre established its first physiotherapy class in 2010. When this first class was established there were only 34 physiotherapists in the entire country. This years graduating class is the second and they anticipate within a couple of years that the number of physiotherapists practicing in Malawi will have doubled. Another benefit of this program is that people will not leave Malawi for training, therefore they will hopefully stay to service the country.

One student notes, “Physiotherapy is very important in Malawi and benefits people by providing civic education to the communities on preventable causes of disabilities as well as other diseases, providing treatment to different conditions and in doing so helping to prolong life and enhance individual ability. This will help to accelerate development in our country.”

Medic to Medic relies on donations for funding.  Email [email protected] for more information. 

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