APTA Soon to Release Final Chapter of “A Profession in Transformation”

The American Physical Therapy Association is running a four chapter series on the current evolution within the physical therapy profession. The purpose is to help you stay engaged with knowing how customer’s expectations are evolving. Ideas for how to stay on the forefront of the profession by being inspirational, knowledgeable, enterprising yet staying professional will be presented. 

The goal of this series is to highlight the changes which are currently taking place. Chapter one, titled The “Professional Physical Therapist” explores how physical therapists can be more engaged with the profession. Chapter 2, “The Enterprising Physical Therapist” discusses new models of care, use of technology, diversification of practice and more. The third chapter “The Knowledgeable Physical Therapist” gives ideas for staying up to date on evidence based practice and policy. The final chapter “The Inspirational Physical Therapist” assesses how we as a profession can inspire others. It’s release is anticipated for early December.

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