Virtual Fracture Clinic Saves £558,000 Over Two Years

In Brighton and Sussex, the physiotherapy lead “Virtual Fracture Clinic” (VFC) has been a huge cost saver. This clinic provides advice from a physiotherapist 12-72 hours after the patient attends an A&E. The patients are then sent a video for management and fracture education.

This clinic was set up to assist the orthopedic and physiotherapy clinics with longer waits. It provides patients with rapid advice with rehabilitation at home for basic fractures.

The clinic is sending questionnaires to patients and the feedback has been positive, though the response rate was low. 84% of respondents felt they knew how to manage their injuries from home after the VFC. 98% felt their questions were answered and 85% noted they knew who to contact should further problems arise.

Since the VFC’s launch in September 2013 over 8700 patients have been serviced.

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