Cervical Manipulation: To Manip or Not to Manip? That is the Question…

A new video is now available via open access in Physiopedia. Cervical Manipulation: Risk versus Reward was created by Steven Spoonemore, Jr., DPT, OCS as part of his Fellowship training with Evidence in Motion (EIM).  Usage of cervical manipulation continues to be a hot topic of potential treatment options and this video provides a thorough discussion of when to consider manipulation as a treatment option. 

This presentation: 

  1. Define’s spinal manipulation.
  2. Compares benefits to risks for using cervical manipulation.
  3. Discusses screening tools which help to identify appropriate patients to use cervical manipulation with.
  4. Explains indications and contraindications for cervical manipulation 

Excellent research articles are presented throughout which can be referenced for further study of this topic.

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