Wrapping Up World PT Day

September 8 was World PT Day and it was a huge success internationally! The Confederation on World PT Day Website had more than 17,000 hits and roughly 2500 tweeted #worldptday. Toolkits available on the WCPT Day Website to help celebrate were access the most by physical therapists in India, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Spain.

Physical therapy clinics around the world report having wheelchair tryouts, publishing educational booklets, screenings for fall risk, and even workshops on amputation rehabilitation in Sudan (through the Sudanese Association of Physiotherapists-SuPA). SuPA also provided toys for children with disabilities and free physiotherapy sessions.

The Afghan Association of Physiotherapists held an event attended by government and non-government organizations such as the ICRC, Handicap International and the national Physiotherapy Training Institute. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani commended the profession on rehabilitation efforts in a country where war has left many with physical disabilities.

The Taiwan Physical Therapy Association celebrated their first WCPT with an international symposium focusing on the future of the profession and the issue of global aging.

There are many stories to be shared from all over the world of the success of this day.

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