Spinal Cord Injury Content Creation Project is Underway

Recenty we launched a new content creation project for a new spinal cord injuries section of Physiopedia. We invite you to join us to build this valuable resource for our profession and the SCI community.

Last year we ran a course on the physiotherapy management of spinal cord injuries with Lisa Harvey and Jo Glinsky from the University of Sydney. Thousands of people from over 100 countries took part in the 5 week course which had an extremely positive outcome (see full course report).  Whilst we search for the funding to repeat this free course we have decided to run a content creation project to create pages in Physiopedia on topics relating to spinal cord injuries.

This project follows the success of a similar project that we ran to create amputee related content.  Through the amputee project we created 22 new evidence based pages in Physiopedia that formed the basis of the lower limb amputee rehabilitation course.  The new spinal cord injuries content creation project aims to populate a new section of Physiopedia with practical, credible and thought-provoking information on all aspects of management of individual with spinal cord injury. Much of the structure of the content for this new section is guided by the curriculum of the course that we ran last year and we hope to include the new information in the course when it runs again in the future.

Anyone is welcome to join in this project. You will be joining people from all over the world in contributing evidence based articles to create an evidence based reference on spinal cord injuries and the management of individuals with spinal cord injury.  In return for your efforts you will receive a certificate of completion to help you evidence your learning and professional development through your involvement with this project.

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