The World Health Organization Initiates New Framework to Eliminate Ageism

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a new framework to eliminate the stereotypes of older adults being frail and dependent. The World Confederation of Physiotherapy (WCPT) is asking physiotherapists to get involved.

Contributions made by older people are often overlooked focusing more on the demands on society and less on the contributions of ageing adults. We should emphasize the focus on their contributions to family, communities, and society.  The World Report on Ageing and Health has been published and focuses on promoting strength, endurance, and general physical activity. This report also recommends focusing on curing acute conditions over emphasizing care for chronic conditions.

Stephen Lungaro-Mifsud, a gerontologist and physiotherapist notes we should focus on optimising functional ability to facilitate individual relationships. The WCPT plans to present on this at their upcoming convention in Geneva on 29-30 October. The WCPT is encouraging physiotherapists with interests in ageing and health to contribute to the draft strategy of the WHO. Feedback towards the WCPT response can be directed towards [email protected].

The five objectives are being focused on:

  1. Healthy aging in all countries
  2. Meeting needs of older adults in healthcare
  3. Long term care systems
  4. Safe environments
  5. Improve understanding, monitoring and measuring

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