3 Ways to make your clinic more attractive to patients!

It may be a novel approach but bear with me on this … Setting up a grocery stall in a market is similar to setting up your clinic. Just like a market stall you need to display your items in the most appealing way possible to attract customers. These three tips will help to make you more attractive to patients!

When you go to a market there are usually lots of stalls and if you don’t like what you see you keep on walking until you find something that appeals. Perhaps a friend recommended a particular market trader to go to for the best fruit, vegetables, or a great butcher. Alternatively, if you shop at supermarkets I’m sure you will have discussed where to find the best deals or tasty offers with friends and colleagues. Of course, healthcare is very different to fruit and vegetables but the decisions that patients make are grounded in these daily patterns so you need to set up your stall as well and as visible as possible! It also illustrates the importance of patient to patient referral and is the foundation of many clinics.

So how can you make your clinic more attractive in a modern world?


A clear, concise and updated website with easy access to appointments is a great start but many clinics are slow on the uptake with this. There’s nothing worse than an out of date or unloved website. A website is setting your stall in the market place! Why not check out TM2’s deal with Physio123 who can design a perfect webpage to get you going and take the stress out of it?
Free website 

Modern information leaflets / materials

Simple but effective leaflets are great to highlight the various services you offer and the benefits of treatment. Check with your professional organizations as they often have approved up to date material which is great to pass on to patients.

Patient experience 

People’s expectations are certainly on the rise, especially in healthcare. Easily accessible services are now an expectation. Patients may not be willing to wait 6-8 weeks for visits when they can get them via same day or next day services.

These days you can’t afford to have your doors closed when a patient needs help but at the same time you can’t work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so what do you do without crippling your clinic with costs? Well, of course, TM3 is the answer …. I would say that wouldn’t I? Yes, your right I am biased but for the right reasons. We have worked long and hard and listened to clinics to provide truly efficient and cost effective software solutions to the market for over 10 years. With TM3 you can not only manage your diary, clinical notes and finances but if you choose to you can also have access to:

  • TM3 24/7 : (a 24 hour/ 365 days per year phone answering service)
    This means no more appointments lost to missed calls or people who don’t want to leave an answerphone message. Your clinic is always open!
  • TM3 New Online Bookings: Under your control you can enable patients to book online with ease.
  • Pronto network: With Pronto, referrers can link directly with clinics, securely and in real time. So life for the referrer, clinic and patient are improved.

So there you have it!  Set up your stall as best as you can and give easy access to your services, that way your clinic will continue to grow into the future.

To find out more why not get in touch and see how we can help?