5 simple mistakes your clinic cannot afford to make!

Here at TM2 we’re often asked what the best way to improve a clinic and believe us there are many different answers! So we thought we’d put together a simple list from the things that we hear on our travels around the country. Here are our top five mistakes clinics cannot afford to make, and our advice that goes with them:

1. Not answering the phone

Patients usually call when they are in need of help. Put yourself in their shoes … in their hour of need are you there to help them? It’s easy to make a very good impression or on the other hand it can look as though you are not interested in their problem. You can’t work all the time so how about a reception service that never sleeps? … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year … a service which is tailored to your needs and can book appointments in your diary for you.

2. Unprofessional notes / illegible notes

Whether you are squinting your eyes to read your colleagues notes or rifling through a filing cabinet to find the correct folder these days the excuses are over. Clear, legible clinical notes make life easier. They are easy on the eye, template led and can be found and printed at a click of a button. They may also help with defence at a hearing as incomplete and illegible notes is one of the major factors contributing to a negative outcomes for practitioners.

3. Not having Letter templates

Admission, interim and discharge ….. sending letters use to take ages. Finding the GP’s address, typing it out, setting the margins etc…. Well that should be a thing of the past. If you use letter templates in TM2 the main body of the document including the addresses will automatically be created, we can even add your logo so all you have to do is type your relevant clinical findings and you’re done.  It’s even saved to the patient’s record so it’s easy to find another time. This will definitely help you claw back precious hours from your working week.

4. Not Emailing letters and invoices

Still posting letters and invoices? Apart from the time it takes, the printer ink, envelopes and stamps soon add up to around £1 a letter. How many letters do you send a week, a month … a year? For me it’s the easiest time and money saving improvement a clinic can make …. you can’t afford not to!

5. Not using Reports to run your business 

There are over 50 standard reports in TM2 and one of the most popular webinars recently was my top 10 reports. The business bit of clinics is not always taught at college so it’s little surprise that some practitioners can find this area challenging. Do not fear, you can access webinars, articles and much much more help easily online, TM2 2gether is just one of the ways to do this.

All of these 5 issues can be avoided using any good clinic management software and TM2 is one of those. TM2 has a reception service, allows you to quickly make clear legible notes, has many templates for your letters, easily emails letters to your clients, and runs many reports on your business.  Not to mention all the help you can get at TM@ 2gether.  We’re just trying to make it easy for you!  If you are stuck or don’t have a login please contact [email protected].