PP+ points now awarded for forum participation

You can now earn PP+ points (equivalent of CEUs and CPD points) for activity in the Physiopedia Plus (PP+) discussion forum.  This is a great continuing education and professional development activity where you can meet and talk to colleagues from all over the world.

Communicating through writing is a key skill for physiotherapists. Whether asking or answering a question, justifying an opinion, describing an experience, recording our clinical decisions and activities, we need to be clear, concise and professional at all times. As well as a key skill the reflection involved in writing also provides an educational activity that can lead to deeper learning than reading a paper or viewing a video alone. For these reasons we have developed a discussion forum for PP+ subscribers where they can develop their written communication skills, meet others from around the world and learn from each other. In order to recognise the educational value of participating in conversations within this forum we have just implemented the awarding of PP+ points for forum contributions (posting new topics and writing replies to existing topics).

So you will now see a new writing category displayed within the PP+ score box on your dashboard.


You will be awarded badges for starting new topics and posting replies.


Your forum activity will be listed within your activity log.


We hope this provides another incentive to participating in the forum conversation that will benefit all PP+ subscribers.

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