“Fit For Life” Exercise Program for People Receives Praise by Scottish Parliament

Community health physiotherapist, Jackie Hodge, establishes “Fit for Life” program to help those over 65 with dementia, anxiety, depression. This program helps those to increase their self-confidence through exercise.

The class starts with 45 second long exercises and progresses to two minutes per exercise. It utilizes circuit training to focus on balance, weights, or resistance bands. Participant ages range from 65-over 90 years old! Hodges notes, those with dementia are more than eight times more likely to have a fall than those without dementia. This class is aimed at decreasing fall risk for older adults. The Scottish Parliament commends “Fit for Life” for bridging the gap of mental health care with community based exercise. This program is largely supported by volunteers. It has been in existence now for five years and is offered weekly through out the year.  On September 24, it will be announced whether this class will receive the Alzheimer’s Scotland Award.

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