Access Two Great Thoracic Outlet Presentations!

Walt Lingerfelt, an Evidence In Motion fellow, has published two presentations on conservative management on Thoracic Outlet. This video series is a good discussion for the novice physiotherapist or a great review for the seasoned clinician.

The first video of this series is about 30 minutes long. In this video Walt:

  1. Reviews the anatomy of the thoracic outlet relating to neurogenic versus vascular causes.
  2. Discusses causes, potential contributing factors, and differential diagnoses around thoracic outlet compression.
  3. A clinical examination section includes a discussion of specificity and sensitivity for the following clinical special tests: Roos, Adson, Wright, Costoclavicular Manuever, Adverse Neural Tension tests, and Cervical Flexion with Rotation.

The second video is slightly shorter. In this video Walt discusses:

  1. Conservative management strategies and a case study of thoracic outlet.
  2. Mobilization techniques for first rib mobilization or manipulation with the patient sitting or supine are discussed.
  3. Treatment options including self mobilization, cyriax release, shoulder and neural mobilization are demonstrated.
  4. Upon conclusion of this presentation Walt discusses a couple of cases and treatments.

Thank you to Walt and EIM for making this video series available for sharing. We hope you find it as informative as we did!

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