Three New E-books on Lower Amputees Are Now Available in the E-library

Three new  e books on lower amputees by Robert and Ann Gailey can be found in the E-library section. All three books are available to physiopedia members and are downloadable to a pdf for a minimal cost.

The books are:

Strengthening and Stretching for Lower Amputees
This book outlines a self stretching program, strengthening for lower extremity amputees. It also discusses the risks of muscle contractions.

Prosthetic Gait Training Program for Lower Extremity Amputees
This books approaches weight shifting methods, tips for maintaining prosthetic control, and teaching movements of the pelvis and trunk during walking.

Balance, Agility, Coordination, and Endurance for Lower Extremity Amputees
The functional progressive exercises found in this book will teach amputees how to do varying activities with or without their prosthesis.

These books are excellent resources for both physiotherapists who work with lower amputees and patients learning self management prior to the independent stages of using a prosthesis.