Ideas On Funding To Get To IFOMPT 2016

In an era of increasing restrictions on funding streams available to support educational conference the money needed for early bird registration for IFOMPT can seem unattainable.  Although winning the lottery may be an option for some, I haven’t won yet and the odds of me or any deserving physiotherapist winning aren’t looking good before the 4th of July 2016.  However there are various ways  of accessing funding outside of your workplace to attend.

MACP members can apply for various bursaries to support members attending courses and conferences as well as bursaries for members to present and disseminate their research at national and  international conferences. I was lucky enough in 2012 to be awarded one of these bursaries to travel to an international conference in Dubai. It was one  of the best educational experiences of my career and I would encourage all MACP members to apply for these bursaries and visit the MACP website for information and closing dates for applications.

Physiotherapist where I work have also looked at income gained from offering MSc clinical placements.  Clinical mentoring opportunities that staff currently offer to students on MSc routes to MACP membership could be used to fund conference registration to IFOMPT 2016.  2 students on one placement can fund one member of staff to go to Glasgow for IFOMPT 2016.  This exchange supports both students needing clinical placements but clinical mentors maintaining their knowledge by experiencing the wealth of educational opportunities that IFOMPT 2016 offers.

Managers also get to send their staff to an international forum where world leaders in MSK practice will be presenting their work ensuring that staff develop and maintain evidence informed practice  in their workplace.  I look forward to mentoring some more student later this year  in the run up to July 2016 to try and get as many of my staff to Glasgow as I can. This once in a lifetime career opportunity of IFOMPT 2016 being held in the United Kingdom (my career anyway) is too good to miss.

This post was written by Helen Walch. Helen’s current role is lead extended scope practitioner for Cwm Taf Health Board in Wales specialising in spinal disorders. As part of this role she represents Cwm Taf on the All Wales National Pathway for low back pain and also acts as a clinical lead into the Non Malignant Pain Pathway and Redesign of Musculoskeletal services in Cwm Taf. Helen is an active member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) and is on the local IFOMPT 2016 organising committee.