10 reasons to ‘keep moving’ with Connect

At Connect, we’re on a mission to keep people moving and help individuals improve their performance, health and wellbeing. That’s why we actively support the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Move for Health campaign; a ground breaking initiate that calls for employers, employees and unions to improve health in the workplace, and recognise the pivotal role that physiotherapy plays.

Our top 10 reasons to keep moving are:

1. Corrects posture
Helps maintain a healthy sitting and standing posture as you strengthen your core muscles.

2. Lowers stress
Movement produces endorphins, which are natural stress fighters.

3. Releases energy
Helping you feel more energetic and productive throughout the day.

4. Makes us happier
A constant release of endorphins will improve your mood so make keep moving a habit.

5. Reduces sickness
Strengthens natural defences and the immune system to help fight infection.

6. Helps conditions
These include coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, back pain, osteoarthritis and depression.

7. Boosts confidence
Improves confidence and helps you feel more accomplished.

8. Improves memory
Increased energy and oxygen levels to the brain, boosts memory and makes learning easier.

9. Improves sleep
Helps give a good night’s rest to wake up fully recharged in the morning.

10. Can help us live longer
Healthy living, and of course regular movement, increases life expectancy significantly.

Move for Health highlights the contribution that physiotherapy can make to the prevention of illness and the promotion of good health through physical activity and has strong links with government agendas to improve the health and fitness of the nation. We should all get involved!