New Total Joint Arthroplasty and Outcome Measures (TJAOM) Toolkit

We are delighted to have recently published a new toolkit for total joint arthroplasty in Physiopedia.  The purpose of the toolkit is to provide clinicians with outcome measures appropriate for use along the continuum of care for patients before and after total joint arthroplasty.

The toolkit directs you to identify the relevant phase of care from the recommended outcome measures along the continuum of total joint arthroplasty.  Based on the needs of your patients and practice setting, at least one of each category of outcome measure should be selected. The toolkit also gives directions to review and practice using outcome measures before using with your clients.  The toolkit also provides discharge letter templates (very useful!!) that facilitate the communication of results and interpretation with the physician.

The development of this toolkit is one of multiple Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker projects supported by the UBC Department of Physical Therapy, the Physiotherapy Association of BC, the Vancouver Coastal Research Institute, and the Providence Healthcare Research Institute.  Other toolkits published in Physiopedia include:

We continue to be grateful to the Alison Hoens and her knowledge translation teams for sharing their toolkits through Physiopedia.

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