My first keynote!

It’s a week today that we returned from the Canada where I gave the closing keynote at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) conference.  It was such an honour to be invited to close the event and the opportunity that I had been waiting for to tell the full Physiopedia story.

rachael lowe keynote candian physiotherapy association

“From One to One Million” was the story of how I went from physio to techie and how we built the worlds largest physiotherapy resource which gets nearly one million visits per month (I was hoping for one million by the time the conference came around but we were just slightly short!).  The story explores some of the adversity in my life and how I turned that into opportunity, it delves into some crazy thoughts of the future and encourages all to think big and make a difference. You can read the transcript here, the presentation will be on YouTube some time in the future I am told.

This was one of the most retweeted slides from the presentation:

michael jordan making it happen

Despite having to wait right to the end to get my keynote out of the way the CPA Conference was one of the most enjoyable conferences I have been to.  The Canadian physios are very friendly, welcoming and like to have a lot of fun.  It’s like hanging out with a bunch of friends!  We had a lot of fun meeting people, talking about professional issues and making plans for the future. Thank you for having us, it was an absolute pleasure!

rachael lowe and cpa

Read my keynote transcript (warning: it’s long!!)

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