All you need to know about the shoulder!

This month we’ve published a new learn topic in the member area all about the shoulder.  There are 5 free book chapters including Donatelli, Magee and Maitland, plus many other articles, guidelines and quizzes.  We also have an expert interview with Mike Reinold no less!

Every couple of months in our member area we publish a new learn topic. These learn topics are self directed learning experiences where you can work your way through a series of resources that we have provided to review and gain new knowledge on a particular topic.

The learn topics include exclusive resources from Elsevier including book chapters and otherwise closed journal articles which you can access for free.  We also include many open resources such as open journal articles available and resources in Physiopedia. This month you can access:

  • Donatelli, R. A. Chapter 2, Functional Anatomy and Mechanics in Physical Therapy of the Shoulder, 5th Edition, Elsevier, 2012
  • Magee, D. Shoulder. Chapter 5 In: Orthopedic Physical Assessment. Elsevier, 2014
  • Hengeveld, E and Banks, K. Management of Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle Disorders. Chapter 4 In: Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation Management of Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders – Volume 2, 5th Edition. Elsevier, 2013
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas, C. Therapeutic Exercises for the Shoulder Region. Chapter 33 In: Neck and Arm Pain Syndromes Evidence-informed Screening, Diagnosis and Management. Elsevier, 2011
  • Hattam, P and Smeatham, A. Shoulder. Chapter 2 In: Special Tests in Musculoskeletal Examination An Evidence-based Guide for Clinicians. Elsevier, 2010

Each learn topic also include interviews with experts from the field.  This months interview is with Mike Reinold.  Mike is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance having previously been Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. for the Boston Red Sox.

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