Short-Term Effectiveness of Precut Kinesiology Tape Versus an NSAID as Adjuvant Treatment to Exercise for Subacromial Impingemen

This study aimed to compare the short-term efficacy of precut kinesiology tape (PCT) to a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) as adjuvant treatment to exercise physiotherapy in improving pain and function in patients with shoulder impingement. A statistically significant decrease in pain at rest and pain with arm elevation, as well as improvement in SST and Constant Score were observed in all 3 treatment groups, with minimal clinically important differences exhibited in pain with elevation and SST scores. Between-group differences on all outcome measures did not have statistical significance or clinical meaningfulness.

The improvements in pain and function observed with an NSAID or PCT as adjuvant treatments weren’t any more substantial than with rehabilitation exercise alone. If adjuvant treatment is desired, PCT seems to be better tolerated than an NSAID, although the difference did not have significance.