Have expertise in Pain or Amputees? Take part in our projects to create free education

Clinical interest groups around the world are collaborating with Physiopedia to create good evidence based content in Physiopedia that will subsequently be used to shape free open online courses.

Engagement and involvement lead to change” said Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Director of Professional Policy, in the recent WCPT News.  We couldn’t agree more and that is why we are engaging with professional networks to create credible information on Physiopedia which can be used for free education.

In the past we have teamed up with AGILE and APPDE to create credible content on Physiopedia around older people and Parkinson’s Disease.  These two projects have produced very useful sections on the site that can be accessed by anyone for free, in particular this creates an amazing source of information for clinicians that otherwise might not have access to this knowledge and expertise.

Current Professional Projects

Currently we are working in a similar way with the PPA and the WCPT Network for Amputee Rehabilitation (in particular BACPAR) to populate the pain and amputee sections of Physiopedia.  These projects are led by the related professional association who invite anyone to get involved in guided content creation in return for certificated acknowledgement of their contribution for their own professional development or learning portfolio.

If you would like to get involved in either of these projects to make your contribution to the profession you can find more information on these two projects here:

Projects Lead to Free Educational Courses

Last year we ran an open online course on the physiotherapy management of spinal cord injuries.  The WCPT accredited five week course was free to attend and attracted over 4000 participants from 110 countries. We considered the course a huge success (read the report here) and are now keen to run more similar courses.

The credible information and network of expertise that results from the Projects mentioned above will form the basis for our courses.  In addition to this we will have contributions from experts, books from Elsevier (our academic content partner) and international discussion forums.  These courses are facilitated one time per year where participants will engage in course material at the same time as others and have access to tutors.  If people are unable to attend at tis time, the course remains available to be completed in your own time.

Get Involved

Educators, experts and professional networks, you can all contribute to extending the knowledge and profile of our profession, globally. Remember, “Engagement and involvement will lead to change”!! If you’re interested in helping out in any way, get in touch today!

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