Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Hand Surgeons, Hand Therapists, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians Agree on a Multidisciplinary Treatment Guideline

This study aimed to achieve consensus on a multidisciplinary treatment guideline for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). In total, 35 experts (hand surgeons selected from the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand, hand therapists selected from the European Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians) participated in the Delphi consensus strategy. Each Delphi round was comprised of a questionnaire, analysis, and feedback report. After 3 Delphi rounds, consensus was achieved on the description, symptoms, and diagnosis of CTS. The experts agreed that patients with CTS should always be instructed, and instructions combined with splinting, corticosteroid injection, corticosteroid injections as well as splinting, and surgery are suitable treatments for CTS. Relevant details for the use of instructions, splinting, corticosteroid injections, and surgery were described. Main factors for selecting one of the aforementioned treatment options were identified as follows: severity and duration of the disorder and treatments previously received. A relationship between the severity/duration and choice of therapy was found by the experts and reported in the guideline.

This multidisciplinary treatment guideline could assist physicians and allied health care professionals with providing patients CTS with the most effective and efficient treatment available.