Soft Tissue Mobilization and PNF Improve Range of Motion and Minimize Pain Level in Shoulder Impingement

The objective of this study was to assess the effects of soft tissue mobilization and PNF on pain level, and shoulder ROM in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome. Thirty patients with painful and limited glenohumeral ROM activities were chosen. The subjects were randomized to an experimental group (n=15), which received treatment consisting of soft tissues mobilization and the PNF technique. The control group received an ultrasound treatment. Pain level, glenohumeral external rotation and overhead reach were measured before and after the intervention in groups. The experimental group exhibited a significant reduction in pain level in comparison with the control group. The values for Shoulder external rotation displayed a significant improvement. The mean value for overhead reach in the experimental group rose significantly.

The combination of soft tissue mobilization for the subscapularis for 7 minutes and 5 repetitions of the contract-relax PNF technique for the shoulder internal rotator muscles followed by 5 repetitions of a PNF facilitated abduction and external rotation diagonal pattern was found to be effective in decreasing pain and improving glenohumeral external rotation and overhead reach during a single intervention session.