Your research in print – free, open, no time delay!

We have a great opportunity for you to get your research published and contribute to the world wide knowledge base on Physiopedia.

Your research can be about any aspect of physiotherapy. It doesn’t have to be a large and extensive trail, we are looking for any research that addresses interesting and relevant questions.

We know how many physiotherapists put many hours, often of their own time, into researching and completing case studies, local research projects or literature reviews, the outcome of which are often seen by only a small number of people. Large, well funded trails are important aspects of research but so are your local projects. Practitioners on the ground asking questions, looking at trends and sharing ideas and answers is vital for the continuing advancement of our physiotherapy knowledge and practice. Maybe you have noticed a trend within your patient group, maybe it’s nothing, a local fluke, but maybe it’s something that other practitioners are noticing too. Maybe it is something important that can be used to improve patient outcomes. It is only by sharing our observations that we can make these links. So why not dig out your projects and reviews and share them on Physiopedia?

Benefits of publishing on Physiopedia:

  • Contributing to the profession – Authors have the satisfaction that they are contributing their expert knowledge to this community resource and thereby contributing to the profession of Physiotherapy.
  • No fees – unlike some journals there are not charges for publishing your work on Physiopedia.
  • See your work online quickly – by avoiding the usual bureaucratic delay
  • New researchers – new researchers are welcomed and supported
  • Student work published – don’t let work that would otherwise be filed away for no-one to read or use be lost to the profession
  • Peer review provided – no need for your wok to be previously peer reviewed, we provide a prompt and open peer process.
  • Personal development – publishing your work provides a great opportunity for personal development as well as being a great addition to your CV or CPD.
  • Raised profile – All authors have the opportunity to have an online professional profile which allows them to showcase their clinical expertise and qualifications.

You can find out more about publishing on Physiopedia and the requirements here, or email your question to our Research Co-ordinator, Katherine Knight.

We are always keen to hear from experts who would like to take part in reviewing original research. If you are interested in becoming a Peer reviewer, you can find more information here or email Katherine as above.