New Stroke learn topic with 5 book chapters, 10 clinical guidelines and 20 journal articles!

We’ve had a couple of requests to add some Stroke resources so here it is, your learn topic on Stroke.  This learn topic explores much on the topic of stroke and delves into rehabilitation.  However it is a huge topic and we haven’t covered everything here, use this learn topic as a starting place for expanding your knowledge of Stroke.

In this topic we have many many exclusive resources for our members including 5 book chapters, 10 clinical guidelines and around 20 journal articles, plus much much more.

At the end of the learn topic there is the opportunity to have a go at a Stroke quiz to earn a certificate to prove your knowledge on this subject.

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In our first section we have an introduction to stroke.  An inspirational story from the patient perspective, the stroke resource in Physiopedia, clinical consequences of stroke and a couple of presentations.

Task two covers assessment.  In this section we briefly explore some of the outcomes measures available to us for management of the stroke patient.

Our third section explores management through a large list of guidelines, book chapters and journal articles, all freely accessible to you as a Physiopedia member.  This section is divided into acute phase care, secondary prevention, rehabilitation, and long term management.

Finally we take a look at the upper limb.  We have another free book chapter and several guidelines and other resources to compliment the 12 journal articles exploring new and contemporary methods of practice.

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