The Effects of Diverse Warm-up Exercises on Balance

This study aimed to examine how stretching, plyometric, and treadmill exercises influence the dynamic balance necessary for sports activities. Twenty-two healthy subjects participated in this study. The subjects conducted stretching, plyometric exercises, and treadmill walking for set times over a period of three days. The subjects’ dynamic balance was then measured. The measurements were taken before the intervention, immediately following the intervention, and 20 minutes after the intervention. All the intervention times were set at 16 minutes, excluding resting times. The data were analyzed with using the two-way ANOVA. There was no interaction between exercises and time. There weren’t statistical variations among the exercises and no statistical differences in changes over time.

This study found that warm-up exercises like plyometric exercises, stretching, and treadmill walking don’t have any effect on the dynamic of balance in healthy people.