The knee surgeon’s perspective – an interview with Jonathan Bell

As part of the coming Physiopedia Members Learn topic on the knee, this month we took the opportunity to talk to Jonathan Bell one of the UK’s leading knee surgeons. In this wide ranging conversation we learn from Jonathan’s 20+ years of experience as an orthopaedics and sports injury specialist and gain an insight into the very latest developments in knee surgery and rehabilitation that are dramatically improving patient outcomes in his clinics.

As the husband of a physiotherapist, Jonathan has a great understanding of our profession and is a strong advocate for the work we do not only before and after surgery, but also in trying to avoid surgery where possible.

This conversation covers lots of ground including surgical techniques, the use of electrical muscle stimulation, the limitations of evidence based practice and even the direction of the physiotherapy profession, so be ready for some potentially provocative perspectives! Oh yes and the conversation lasts 1 hour 7 minutes so make yourself a cup of something hot before sitting back to listen!

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