Rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy: an evolving process

The use of hip arthroscopy in the treatment non-arthritic pain in athletes is still growing in popularity. Though numerous protocols have been described in the literature, there is no current evidence-based consensus regarding the postoperative management of patients undergoing hip arthroscopy. Intraoperative findings determine the specific surgical procedure and subsequently play a role in postoperative rehabilitation. Current protocols are primarily based on tissue healing properties, patient tolerance, and clinician experience. General recommendations regarding range-of-motion initiation, weight bearing progression, and strength activities exist. Though relatively rare, postoperative complications have been described. Clinicians should be aware of factors, both surgical and rehabilitation-related, that may affect a patient’s postoperative progression. In order to assess patients’ postoperative improvement, clinicians must utilize outcome measures that effectively assess the functional status level of active individuals following hip arthroscopy. The development of criteria-based programs may improve the consistency of rehabilitation and potentially aid in giving patients a safe, efficient return to athletics.