6 Private Practice DON’Ts That Every Clinician Should Know

Ok, so we really aren’t fond of focusing on the negative, but in any clinician’s metaphorical back pocket, you would be hard pressed not to find a list of unwritten rules. After speaking with a few industry leaders, we compiled a list of these rules in the form of “don’ts” that we thought we would share with you. We think it’s a valuable read because we all know how easy it can be to develop bad habits…

So here you go. Read and disregard at your peril.

DON’T #1: Don’t go with your gut

Research always wins. Your business and your clients deserve more than your best guess. Commit to doing the due diligence.

DON’T #2: Don’t assume that other people have a clear understanding of what you do

Describe your profession and the services you offer using plain language everyone can understand. Simpler is better.

DON’T #3: Don’t knock criticism

Platitudes and compliments won’t make you better at what you do. Praise is nice, but criticism is valuable. Seek feedback only from those you know will challenge you to do better.

DON’T #4: Don’t ever stop building your community

Get involved in community and professional groups, and spread the word about your practice and how it is unique.

DON’T #5: Don’t be afraid of social media

Social media is good value. Build your confidence gradually: listen, then participate, then contribute content. Be real. Use this guide.

 “Social media can be an amazing tool for community building and marketing. Remember your manners – don’t take credit for content that isn’t yours (even implicitly), answer questions in a timely fashion, correct mistakes politely, and be liberal with your compliments.” – @kellylawson

DON’T #6: Don’t leave home without your elevator pitch

Hone your elevator pitch. Describe what you do in simple terms in ten seconds or less. Then use it all the time.

These are just a few of many, many rules that are developed and learned by clinicians working in private practice, and otherwise. What informal rules do you adhere to in your everyday practice that you would add to the list?

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