The Opportunity in Injury!

As if Physiopedia isn’t enough to keep me busy all hours of every day, I got involved in another little project this year – SkiFit, an online training programme (and mobile app) to get people fit in preparation for their ski season or holiday.

When I ruptured my ACL in 2012 I was devastated, especially having just moved out to the world famous ski town, Chamonix.  I knew that I’d ruptured my ACL even before landing my slow rotating fall, and as I sat there in the snow I thought about how I could turn this into an opportunity.  All events in life bring opportunity, right?  Time away from sport meant more time in front of my computer, the result of which has been many exciting developments at Physiopedia as well as this unexpected little side project.

Neil MacLean-Martin is the physio that helped guide me through what turned out to be a complicated rehab process. Yes, all physios need a good physio!  When I first saw Neil’s SkiFit class I just knew that we had to bring this to the masses, it was awesome!  A little secret that the locals, mountain guides and professional athletes of Chamonix would have to share.  It’s not your normal list of exercises that often get prescribed in advance of a skiing trip, it is a progressive 8 week long training programme of activation, dynamic stability, core and strength exercises that are clinically relevant and specific to skiing.

I am really proud of what we (the BeFitApps team) have managed to achieve with this programme to make it available to all.  The online programme is now being used by many all around the world and the feedback that we have been receiving is overwhelmingly positive.  Not only is SkiFit something that individuals can sign up for independently but if you have clients going off skiing, especially those that have had recent or previous knee injury, then this is the programme for them.

You can check out SkiFit here.  And yes, there will be more, we filmed RunFit and TriFit last week so keep an eye out for them in the Spring!

If you’d like to take a look at the full SkiFit programme just send me a message and I’ll set you up with a free discount code.

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