IFOMPT 2016 Podcasts Keynote Speakers

In an innovative approach IFOMPT have started recording interviews with each of the 7 keynote speakers for IFOMPT 2016. Episode 1 features an interview with associate professor Roger Kerry of the University of Nottingham School of Physiotherapy. Jack Chew of ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’ gets to the bottom of Roger’s opinions on evidence based practice, the modern dissemination of knowledge and of course his excitement about IFOMPT 2016!

Keynote podcasts 2-7 coming soon:

  • Dr Annina Schmid – Neuropathic Pain
  • Dr Jeremy Lewis – Shoulders: Frozen and otherwise
  • Dr Nadine Foster – Stratification in Musculoskeletal Practice
  • Professor Lorimer Moseley – Manual Therapy & Pain Science
  • Professor Joel Biolsky – Mechanisms of Manual Therapy
  • Dr Harriet Wittink – Physical capacity, function and pain behaviours

Visit the IFOMPT website for the extended podcast and further exclusive podcast content from all keynote speakers!