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This learn topic explores Movement and the Movement System. The Movement System is an important concept for physiotherapists and physical therapists to understand; particularly those who seek to achieve the full potential of their critically important role in supporting a healthy society. Movement is the action of an entire system and its component parts; these include muscular, skeletal, neurologic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic components. This learn topic will explore some of the basics of understanding movement and go on to explore the current thinking on Movement and the Movement System.

At the end of the learn topic there is the opportunity to have a go at the Movement quiz to earn a certificate to prove your knowledge on this subject.

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Our first section explores the Movement System and much of Shirley Sahrmanns commitment to making this our professional identity.  There are videos, journal articles and documents from professional associations.

Next we cover The Basics of movement.  This will be a revision section for most clinicians through pages in Physiopedia but also includes several quizzes to prove your knowledge on certain topics.  This section also includes a free book chapter on the basic principles of measuring movementfrom Berryman-Reese and Bandy’s Measurement of ROM and Muscle Length: Background, History and Basic Principles.

Our third section explores Assessment through a free book chapter and 7 journal articles.  You will be learning more about Sahrmann’s Movement Impairment Syndrome’s classification system and O’Sullivan’s classification system for Movement Control Impairments.  This is complimented with a free book chapter on Uncontrolled Movement from Comerford and Mottram’s new book, Kinetic Control: the management of uncontrolled movement. Elsevier, 2014.

Finally we take a look at retraining strategies. We have another free book chapter from Comerford and Mottram’s book Kinetic Control: Retraining Strategies For Uncontrolled Movement. This is complemented by 5 videos of Mark Comerford describing retraining strategies for uncontrolled movement and several resources from Physiopedia.

And that’s not all folks!  We have 2 audio interview’s with Shirley Sahrmann and Sarah Mottram who both talk with us about Movement and the Movement System.

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