Five reasons why you can’t live without our new appointment colours software feature

You Spoke. We Listened.

Every clinician knows that appointment booking is a highly complex activity. In fact, it is the lifeblood of running your clinic smoothly. ClinicServer is built by clinicians and has always recognised the need to accommodate the intricacies of booking (sometimes complex) clinical appointments.

Booking clinical appointments involves many considerations: What is the appointment type? What room is required? What equipment needs to be booked with your appointment? Does the patient have special needs? Will the patient require extra time? What coverage do they have? ..and the list continues. We understand that the more visual aid an appointment book can offer, the better it will serve you. For this we have always had define icons: small icons that you can customise to identify procedural instructions. Procedural instructions may include such things as: initial assessment, re-assessment, a patient requiring extra time, a patient requiring urgent care, a patient with special billing requirements, or a patient with special equipment needs.. well, you get the picture.

So, we made the ability for you to determine the nature and complexity of your appointment type, at a glance, even better.

With the rollout of our new feature series, you will be able to custom select your appointment colour based on your specifications. A simple solution that will make your life, and running your clinic so. much. easier. Call us geeky, but we know that as a business owner, administrator and/or fellow clinician, you will be as excited about this new feature as we are!

Below are five reasons why this new feature is not only exciting and highly beneficial to your practice, but crucial for your day to day operations.

  1. It’s 100% customizable.
  2. It’s visually pleasing.
  3. It will save you time.
  4. It is an error ninja.
  5. It is an organizer’s dream.

Check out this video to see the new feature in action.

To see this feature in more detail, and other ways that ClinicServer will make running your practice a breeze, schedule a free demo today. We can’t wait to talk shop with you!