World Physical Therapy Day

The day will be here in no time at all!

As a voice of one, I don’t believe the majority of physios really understand what this day could be. The focus of most everything I have seen is physiotherapists focusing on themselves and what they have to offer and educating the benefit of their services – blah, blah, blah. If we focus on making the special opportunity of a day about us, it is highly unlikely our message will be heard.

The way I look at this particular day: we have a HUGE population of people who will be served by physiotherapists on September 8, 2014. Some of these individuals may have little to no voice in choosing to receive services – think in a critical care unit in a hospital. Some individuals are too young to even know much about the services they are receiving, but have an advocate that does – think pediatrics in pediatric facilities, in hospitals, in neonatal units and in schools.  Some individuals just experienced a severe traumatic event and sustained life altering injuries – think rehabilitation. Some individuals have seen and experienced so many things in their long lives, and although they may or may not remember us, they are working hard to maintain as high a level of independence as possible. How about individuals who sustained an injury at work and need services to return to a financially productive life and role in society? Athletes of all ages and performance levels will be receiving services with a final goal of returning to their sport. Across the world, a large population of people have had a surgical procedure whether it was elective or emergency in nature. Of course, a large percentage of these individuals better be receiving physiotherapy services. Let’s not forget individuals who have cardiac or pulmonary deficits, a good percentage of them should be receiving services also. What about people who have developmental delays or genetically acquired conditions? These individuals will be receiving services on the 8th also. Across the world, individuals will be receiving services to address deficits from various disease processes. Let’s not forget individuals in need of services for their pain experience. There will be a percentage of individuals receiving services in their homes because they are not able to easily venture out of their homes. There will be a chunk of individuals who will receive services in skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities. There will also be individuals who will be receiving services because they are focusing on staying healthy or improving their health. The world is huge… I couldn’t find statistics about how many individuals receive physiotherapy services in a single day. It has to be in the millions though.

We have a large world wide tribe of individuals who we should commemorate. World Physical Therapy Day isn’t about physiotherapists. The day is about millions of inspiring people and their stories! These individuals are active participants. The majority will have a characteristic of grit. They are committed, determined, hard workers.

I say cheers to all those individuals who choose the hard road: they aren’t focused on injections, drugs, massage, or other passive alternative health options. Individuals who choose physical therapy services are inspiring! Their journey to achieve success isn’t for the weak of heart. Every day I am humbled and honored to serve individuals who choose me to serve them.

This Monday remember to let your patients know what you appreciate about them, their journey and their story!

Until next time,