12 tools for your Mobility System toolbox.

The EDGE Mobility System was designed by physical therapist, Dr. Erson Religioso III, to help save your hands and get your patients and clients moving better! It is a comprehensive set of tools for assisted soft tissue manipulation, assisted mobility exercises, and resistance training.

The EDGE Mobility System consists of:

1. The EDGE Tool for IASTM – The EDGE is THE ORIGINAL 300 grade stainless steel tool for assisted soft tissue manipulation from Buffalo, NY. It is lightweight, has a comfortable grip, and even certified practitioners of the “other” techniques have used it and found it more comfortable and easier to use. It’s several tools in one!

2. The EDGEility Tool for IASTM – The EDGEility tool has all the functionality and retains the popular dual sided shape of the original stainless steel EDGE Tool! It’s manufactured from delrin, a type of plastic.

3. EDGE Mobility Bands – EDGE Mobility Bands are made to help you move! One wrap of these around your arm or leg where you have a loss of mobility and you’ll feel the difference! Use them for wrapping arms and legs during mobility training, as self spinal mobilization straps or for dynamic stretches.

4. The CupEDGE for Cupping STM – The CupEDGE are for soft tissue manipulation based on the ancient methods of cupping. The CupEDGE tools are made from soft silicone and do not require pumps or matches. They can be used very gently to provide a subtle lift to the skin and the first layer of fascia.

5. EDGE Mobility Balls – The EDGE Mobility Ball is the perfect combination of hard inner core, with softer outside. Use them anywhere you have increased tone, tension, or tenderness. Combined with simple movements and appropriate breathing, you will be feeling better in a few short minutes.

6. EDGE Solution – The EDGE Solution is 100% organic coconut oil for skin prep and IASTM. Why coconut oil? Not only is it 100% all natural, but it does not have to be reapplied very often with healthy skin. It can be used in very thin layers, which enhances the feedback you get from the EDGE Tool or other instruments for STM.

7. TowEDGE Spacers – TowEDGE Spacers are comfortable silicone spacers that come in both medium and large sizes that can be comfortably placed between your toes to correct alignment and improve both mobility and stability.

8. Mirror Box – It may seem bizarre that something as simple as a mirror can be used in the treatment of phantom limb pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and stroke rehabilitation, as well as for hand and foot rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.  This mirror box is all you need!

9. Motion Guidance – Motion Guidance is a Physical Therapy product created to allow your patient’s instant visual feedback regarding their desired or undesired body movements. 

10. Caponotrainer – Capnotrainers are a must have device for clinicians working with people in pain, headaches, dizziness, or any host of unexplained symptoms that may be caused by overbreathing.  The Capnotrainer gives real time visual measurement of ETCO2, which helps the patient learn when they are overbreathing in concert with help from a trained clinician.

11. Khalili Cream – After 16 years of extensive research and over 300 clinical trials by a doctor and team of chemists, Khalili™ has emerged as a breakthrough dual activation pain relief cream for muscles and joints. 

12. EDGE Mobility Exercises/Resets – And one extra for free! Neck to Ankle, quick self resets to quickly regain motion and decrease pain.